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How It Works is a video-based online learning program for people who have to speak in public and want to increase their confidence and motivational ability.

You answer 15 qualifying questions before starting your program. Based on your answers, the program then automatically selects about 60 three-minute video topics - from a library of more than 200. In this way, you design your own program - to your needs.

Your Presenters' Upgrade Program will take you about four hours to complete (during the next 30 days anywhere, anytime, on-line) followed by a personalised consultation - based on your feedback and needs - at the end of your program.


This course is ideal for beginners who might fear public speaking, for more practised speakers who want to make more of an impact on people, for those who need a better way to prepare for important business presentations or who simply must get ready for the all-important wedding speech. It covers all needs since, through answering the early questions, you design your own program.'s presentation tips will help improve your presentation skills. Whether you need to develop a persuasive speech or a motivational speech, the program will help build your confidence. Unlike other public speaking courses, can be undertaken by anybody, anywhere, at anytime - online.

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