Paul Griffiths Presentations



A self-designed and directed, video based (web-delivered) program consisting of at least 60, 3-minute video topics plus a 15 minute personal telephone consultation with educator Paul Griffiths (on completion). This course is designed to assist the beginner  (it covers management of nerves, basics of planning, selling concepts, moving information to motivation etc., etc.) and the more practised presenter who wants to take on a leading edge (future orientation, Optimal Thinking, motivational concepts etc., etc.).

The program is presented in three consecutive 'levels of build'' ensuring complete understanding of developing concepts.

Text (personalised transcripts) and signing versions (for profoundly deaf presenters) available at nil extra cost.

"Sensational. Paul's strong focus on the positive and his clear communication of technique were invaluable".........CEO, Mining Company
$180 + GST - generous bulk order discounts available .


A senior level program of video topics designed with an accent on motivating people and handling 'tough' audiences.

This program accommodates the executive who has completed the earlier 'Upgrade' program and seeks to 'polish' her/his capability to a higher level.

The program design takes the individual's priorities and preferred learning style into account (determined by prior questions).

It consists of (and delivers) at least 24 x 3 minute video 'topics' building on earlier work and discoveries. This program too, offers a further 15 minute telephone conversation with Paul Griffiths to consider next steps and a continual growth regime through constant monitoring and evaluation.

"I really appreciated being able to ask some questions (that have been burning in my mind for some time) of a true professional whom I have come to respect enormously".......Senior Federal Public Servant

$180 + GST - generous bulk order discounts available .


The Art and Science of Selling Your Ideas: DVD with the complete explanation and 11 valuable, usable benefits through relying on this matrix - developed over 40 years by Paul Griffiths.

"(You were) able to encourage me to look beyond myself when in front of an audience".   .....Senior Executive, Transport Industry                                                   

$65 (GST and postage included within Australia)


A one day in-house 'quality check' for  5 presenters whose business relies on first grade motivation - whether to their external clients, or to their own teams. Live, video-based tutorial with personalised, consultative feedback and personal reference DVD.  Paul Griffiths has presented this course to great acclaim all over the world.

"Simply the best person I've met to help with this area of self confidence and (personal) communication". Senior Manager, National Consulting.

$2,700 + GST .


A one day in-house program which overviews strategic thinking and personal capability. Each of the 5 participants are interviewed 4 times during the day, enabling personalised assistance in building skills and comfort in this all-important area. This program includes practise in the essential area of 'down the line' (remote) interview techniques. Paul Griffiths has brought his media training programs to clients all over the world.

"Your approach, your techniques and the tactics you taught are absolutely spot-on for what senior execs need to do well in front of the media in Australia.  If I can ever be of assistance as a customer reference please don't hesitate to pass along my contact details".......CEO, International Telecommunications Corporation

$2,700 + GST


Three half-day active learning workshops utilizing the (5) participants' own work to upgrade their informational and motivational writing skills for proposals, briefs, reports and pitches. This is intensive, personalized learning at its best. Spread across three weeks, the sessions strongly encourage immediate use and practise of the learning outcomes. Practical understanding; embedded!

"You taught us a lot in areas where we all needed it. Your approach, humour and skill are truly excellent".......Participant, Senior Manager Development Program, 

$3,900 + GST for complete (3 x half-day) program