Paul Griffiths Presentations


The Presenter's Personalised Upgrade

This is a  self-designed and directed, video based (web-delivered) program consisting of at least 60, 3-minute video topics plus a 15 minute personal telephone consultation with educator Paul Griffiths (on completion, within 30 days). This course is designed to assist both the beginner  (it covers management of nerves, basics of planning, selling concepts, moving information to motivation etc., etc.) and the more practised presenter who wants to take on a leading edge (future orientation, Optimal Thinking, motivational concepts etc., etc.). The program is presented in three consecutive 'levels of build'' ensuring complete understanding of developing concepts.

In fact, you design your own course – according to your own needs.
Once you register you will then be stepped through 15 specific questions – but with multiple selection answers. The way you answer these questions determines the course – exactly for your needs. These questions are designed to create the best possible video course selection (from our library) to meet your needs.

After answering the questions, your personalised course will be displayed on the screen for you to step through chapter by chapter.

Text (personalised transcripts) and signing versions (for profoundly deaf presenters) are available at nil extra cost. (You can create your own book!).

To begin your program you first have to register. The cost for a single use of the course is $250 plus GST. If you are interested in signing up a number of users please email us since there are generous bulk discounts available.

You can then begin watching your video course. Note: you can't skip a video as the course has been specifically designed to be a step by step learning program – especially for your needs.

After completing Level 1 and Level 2, you are required to fill out a brief feedback form which gives you access to the next level. After completing Level 3, you can book a time for a 15 minute telephone consutation with Paul Griffiths.

You then may wish to progress to our Executive Suite or buy another product from Paul Griffiths Presentations Pty Ltd.