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New online training to conquer fear of public speaking

Online learning has reached a milestone with the launch of, a video-based online learning program for people who have to speak in public and want to increase their confidence and motivational ability.

Advocate (Coffs Harbour)

Friday 17/10/2008. Page: 15. Section: General News. Region: coffs Harbour, AU. Circulation: 30888. Type: Regional. Size: 49.47 sq.cms.

Weekend Drive

BROADCAST (AUSTRALIA) Location: Sydney, Australia. Station: 2GB. Program: Weekend Drive. Aired On: 18/10/2008. 16:31. Duration: 15 mins 35 secs. Hosts speak with Paul Griffiths, Developer,, about a new online system to help people learn how to make a public speech. Griffiths says people learn the fear of public speaking when they watch other people at school.

Public speaking? I'd rather be dead

A new study on the fear of public speaking has given weight to US comedian Jerry Seinfeld's observation that people would rather be in the coffin than deliver the eulogy.

Death pips public speaking as our greatest fear - but only just

Public speaking is feared almost as much as death according to a new survey for conducted by Newspoll.

Herald Sun (Melbourne)

Thursday 23/10/2008. Page: 18. Section: General News. Region: Melbourne, AU. Circulation: 530000. Type: Capital City Daily. Size: 28.77 sq.cms.

Fight your fear of speaking in public - follow these simple tips

Public speaking is feared almost as much as death according to a new survey for online learning program conducted by Newspoll. The research shows that 23 per cent of Australians fear public speaking more than death, compared to 27 per cent who ranked death as their number one fear.