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8 October 2008

New online training to conquer fear of public speaking

Online learning has reached a milestone with the launch of, a video-based online learning program for people who have to speak in public and want to increase their confidence and motivational ability. is the brainchild of former television journalist and educator Paul Griffiths who said that the program is unique.

"Before the program begins, each participant answers 15 qualifying questions which custom-designs their program to their own level from a large library of topics. So, it is for anybody, anywhere, at anytime - online," Griffiths said.

The basic program takes around five hours to complete (in your own time) and is delivered completely online via up to 60 three-minute video 'chapters' selected from a library of more than 200 titles in 20 different 'need' categories.

"It's really exciting because, for the first time, the client can devise and receive a full program without having to be face-to-face with the consultant," says Griffiths.

"The participant can view their learning program at any time of the day or night and in small manageable steps. It also monitors each participant's progress and provides personalised feedback and a consultation at the end of the program.

"We've designed the program with individuals in mind - but I also anticipate that large organisations who want to train large numbers of their staff can repackage the program with their own identity – through their own learning and development websites," added Griffiths.

Griffiths began his career as a television journalist on ABC TV hosting The Inventors and This Day Tonight and has gone on to become one of Australia's foremost educators - teaching media skills to business people as well as personal communication programs at a number of academic institutions.

Griffiths' passion for presentation training and public speaking came about when he was 11 years old and was taken by his father to a local Rotary club (in Newcastle, NSW) to deliver a 15-word thank you speech. When Paul's turn came to speak, he was overcome by his debilitating fear of public speaking – and froze.  Very understanding and supportive, Paul's father told him that it didn't need to be like this for the rest of his life, and helped him to overcome his fear.

For Griffiths, it began an international career in radio and television. Now, with his creation of the web delivered development program, he's passing on his lifetime of learnings in this important business area.

"I'm constantly reminded" says Griffiths "that 'a leader without followers is just another person going for a walk!' These days, business leaders need to 'take people along with them' through the way they speak, listen and re-speak. It's these oral and business-presentation skills which are all important in motivating their employees – and the learning should begin the first day they step inside the corporate door," he added.

The course is designed to assist beginners and more practised presenters with two options available: the Presenters' Upgrade Program (PUP) and, then the Executive Suite.

The program can cover topics such as management of nerves, basics of planning, selling concepts, moving information to motivation, future orientation of language, Optimal Thinking – or The Art and Science of Selling your Ideas motivational concepts and handling tough audiences. also provides a text of each video and an MP3 player version of every chapter for users who prefer learning via the written word or audio.

The Presenter Upgrade Program costs from $180 plus GST.

For more information, visit or call Paul Griffiths on (02) 9144 3975.

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