Paul Griffiths Presentations



What is this course about?

The Personalised Presenter's Upgrade Program is a self-designed and directed, video based (web-delivered) program consisting of up to sixty 3-minute video topics plus a 15-minute personal telephone consultation with educator Paul Griffiths (on completion). This course is designed to assist the beginner and the more practised presenter who wants to take on a leading edge.

The program is presented in three consecutive 'levels of build' ensuring complete understanding of developing concepts. Each level concludes with a feedback opportunity which allows access to the next level.

How do I start?

To begin, you need to register and pay for your course. Part of the registration involves answering 15 specially designed questions. In answering these questions you can select 2 options (plus "other") to each question. On completion of the 15 questions you will have your personalised course displayed for you. You can then begin to watch your videos. You can watch a video and then download a transcript or download the transcript first.

Do I have to watch it all in one go?

No.You can watch/listen to each chapter/topic up to three times anywhere anytime you are online. You must however complete the course within 30 days from your registration. We remind you that you can access your questions anytime, anywhere, online.

What is my investment?  

The Presenter Upgrade Program


The Executive Suite    


 What browser do I need for optimum performance?

The Program runs best under the latest versions of Internet Explorer or Firefox. Links for downloads of these are contained below. For Macintosh users in particular it is recommended Firefox is used. The use of Safari has some limitations but is still possible.


What programs do I need to view the videos?

You will need either Quicktime or Windows Media Player to view the videos of the presentation course.

What if I have a bad internet connection?

We provide both high (cable, satellite) and low connection (phone line) speed for both Quicktime and Media Player.